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The Brief:

Commission by jewellery brand All We Are, to promote their AW22 collection. With the accessories as the hero of the visual story, we expressed how jewellery can bring a sense of empowerment when expressing your identity.

The Concept:

Inspired by the film ‘The Shining’ by Stanley Kubrick, we immerse the consumer through a journey of self-identity. Playing on the 70s aesthetic, it follows a girl, stuck in a state of boredom. She finds how her confidence can be enhanced through experimenting with the playfulness of jewellery and her style.​

My Roles:

- Director

- Stylist
- Co-editor

"Glamour and drama – that’s the energy we’re getting from Visionary Studios."

"SS22 is all about bringing out your wilder side and embracing the magic hidden inside everyday life. We think the gang over at Visionary Studios got the vibes bang-on."

Link to website bellow if you want to read more :)

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