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The Brief:

To educate and encourage the integration of taking moments to be mindful. Highlighting the importance of mindfulness as a sense of self, a journey of your own experiences.

The Problem:

The misconception surrounding

mindfulness is causing a lack of engagement in looking after your wellness day-to-day. The consumer isn’t wanting to be part of something they believe is too commercialised or isn’t authentically communicating in a way that resonates with their individual desires.

The Need:

There is a need in providing a simplified tool that supports individuals in their mindfulness journey, through the encouragement of integrating small mindful moments into the mundane everyday.

The Opportunity:

Providing an approachable and accessible answer to implementing mindfulness, in a way that feels authentic to the consumer and that they will feel is achievable.

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The Outcome:

A consumer-minded mindfulness zine that educates and makes mindfulness accessible. Encouraging the integration of small moments of mindfulness, through the creative and interactive use of zine making.

The consumer will be able to support their mental health by using tools they have learned without an external prompt. Individuals will alter their behaviour and/or mindset to better their mindfulness


The Route to Consumer:

My Process:

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